Day #19 – Glorious!

The weather is finally stellar today.  Left P Wolfe shelter about 7 am after sleeping in the shelter because of storms last night.  Going to do 15+ today but have another 500 ft and 1 mile to finish Humpback Mountain.  

I met L’L Bean on the trail this morning.  She is NOBO with a great laid back attitude.  Happy trails! 

I’ll post more later with an update on my mileage for the day.

Update:  It turned out to be a long grueling day. After summiting Humpback Mountain I still had 10 miles to go with all the gas out of my tank. To make matters worse there was a section of trail that was the rockiest I’ve seen so far.  But I still made the 15.8 miles to Maupin Field shelter before dark.  The “brothers” rolled in about 10 pm after hiking the 25+ miles from Waynesboro.  Crazy guys!

Hike statistics :

Day #19

Miles from Mt Katahdin, ME – 1,348.4

Miles from Harpers Ferry – 181.8

Miles to Springer Mtn, GA – 840.8

Avg daily distance – 9.6 miles

There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one’s self. – Benjamin Franklin


6 thoughts on “Day #19 – Glorious!

  1. You’re beginning to look like a real mountain man. Nice.
    And it’s great that the weather is behaving for once. Here’s hoping it starts a new trend for you!

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