Day #20 – Prepare for The Priest

It’s another beautiful morning! ☀️  I am currently half way up Three Ridges and am planning to hike 9.5 miles today to the Tye River at the base of The Priest.  I’ll tackle the 3,000+ ft ascent tomorrow morning with fresh legs.

Here’s The Priest from the overlook.  

And the elevation profile.  

Wish me luck…

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. – Confucius

6 thoughts on “Day #20 – Prepare for The Priest

  1. Been following your page and it looks like you’re making good progress.
    Do you have target dates for further down the trail? I was thinking about a trip east to join for a few days. Probably don’t have time, but . . .
    Take care of your feet!

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    • My feet are great but my shoes are breaking down. May have to get new ones. I am current averaging 9.5 miles per day but need to up it to 10.85 if I’m going to finish on time. I should be in Glasgow, VA in 4-5 days. Count on about 10 miles per day south after that. You will love the mountains.


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