Day #18 – Back on the trail…

Left Waynesboro about noon today and hiked south to the Paul Wilfe shelter.  It was only 5.1 miles, so it was an easy day.  Tomorrow I will tackle Humpback Mountain and then try to cover some more distance before I get to The Priest.  I’m a little worried about the climb there.  It’s 3,200 ft over 4 miles. Yikes!  It will be one of the major climbs of the trek.

  • Paul Wolfe Shelter and privy.    
  • Switchback.  (I’ve seen a few.)  
  • Dinner on the trail.  

Hike statistics :
Day #18

  • Miles from Mt Katahdin, ME – 1,332.6
  • Miles from Harpers Ferry – 166.0
  • Miles to Springer Mtn, GA – 856.6
  • Avg daily distance – 9.2 miles

Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days. – Benjamin Franklin

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