Day #21 (49 total) – The finale…

It’s over, I’ve finished my 500 mile flip-flopping long xss section hike.  I hiked the 9.1 miles from Shaker Campsite to Great Barrington with Wildcat and Phlatlander today.  The three of us are in town resting and will be going out to eat soon.

It was a hot one today.  I went through a lot of water.  We stopped at a shelter for lunch were there was awesome Trail Magic.  Here’s Phlatlander opening the “Magic Box”.  The goodies inside were just what a hiker needs.

We passed several ponds today.

And now I’m headed home, via Albany.

Final Hike Statistics:

  • Days: 28 section 1; 21 section 2 (49 total)
  • Section 1: Harpers Ferry to Daleville, VA – 294.8 miles
  • Section 2: Hanover, NH to Great Barrington, MA – 217.6 miles
  • Total miles on A.T. – 512.4
  • Avg daily miles (section 1) – 10.5
  • Avg daily miles (section 2) – 10.4
  • Avg daily miles (total) – 10.5 
  • A good story can take you on a fantastic journey. – Walt Disney

    8 thoughts on “Day #21 (49 total) – The finale…

    1. Reading your post today, it sounds like you were fat and happy on your last trail day. Glad you survived for another day and time. Where was the pic of magic box contents? Have a good rest

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    2. It’s nice that you hiked your last day with some company: A great end to an awesome adventure! Have a safe flight home. Enjoy a real mattress and showers whenever you want. Luxury!

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