Day #20 (48 total) – 500 miles!

Wildcat and I hiked out of Goose Pond this morning after an awesome pancake breakfast.  We’ve hiked to the next major road crossing and I have now logged 500 miles on the A.T. this summer. Yippee!!!!!

Here I am celebrating at the road crossing.  Spiced rum hits the spot after hiking all morning.  (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.)

We’ll be hiking some bonus miles today and tomorrow.  And there’s one more night on the trail.  That will be my last chance to converse with fellow hikers before I head off the trail in Great Barrington.

Hike Statistics:
Miles from Hanover, NH – 200+
Total miles on the A.T. – 500 +

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it. – Winston Churchill 

14 thoughts on “Day #20 (48 total) – 500 miles!

  1. Great hiking Chris. Pancakes & rum on the trail. Sounds like you are living the high life. Take pleasure in those bonus miles.
    Stay strong & walk talk to the end. You look great. 500 miles, woohoo

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  2. Great job, Chris and congratulations on your accomplishment! It has been a joy to follow your adventure through this blog. I’m hoping for a full summary of your feelings and takeaways from the trip when you have time to write it.

    Oh, and a final weight please. Before or after the pancakes and rum — your choice.

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  3. Congratulations, Chris.
    We should all feel empowered by what we have witnessed. You have given us a window to view the beauty and diversity of God’s Earth. You have shown us there are no boundaries. You have gifted us with Courage, Strength and Hope.
    I’m going to miss this.

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