Day #(3)9 – Hiking into town

I’m headed into Manchester Center, VT today. Here’s the updated post for today.

Yesterday was undoubtedly the best day on the trail that I’ve had all summer.  I started out at Little Rock Pond shelter and hiked about 10 miles to the Peru Peak shelter, where I spent the night.  Griffith Lake is just north of the shelter; I stopped and swam in the lake with several other hikers.  The lake was pristine and fresh.  The only thing I can compare it to is swimming in lakes in Upstate NY as a child.

Peru Peak shelter was an absolute joy.  There were NOBO’s, SOBS’s, Flip-Floppers, Long Trail hikers, and weekenders.  We all had a blast sitting around a campfire in the evening.  “Zoom” took at nap and “Secret Agent” showed me how to make a Ramen Bomb.

2015-08-18 19.36.13  2015-08-18 17.47.39

There was lots of time to rest and relax yesterday.  Today, I hiked 10 miles to the highway and got a ride into Manchester Center from two of my buddies from the shelter.  Here they are along with me on top of Bromley Mountain, one of 3 peaks that we climbed today.

2015-08-19 12.41.00  2015-08-19 12.41.58

I’m holed up at the Green Mountain House tonight and plan to take a “zero” here tomorrow.  The weather looks really iffy for the day after tomorrow, so plan will be flexible.

2015-08-19 16.59.20

Hike Statistics:
Day #9 section 2 (#37 total)
Miles from Katahdin, ME – 538.1
Miles from Hanover, NH – 95.9
Miles to Great Barrington, MA – 130.1
Total miles on A.T. – 389.7
Avg daily miles (section 2) – 10.7
Avg daily miles (total) – 10.5

A good story can take you on a fantastic journey. – Walt Disney

6 thoughts on “Day #(3)9 – Hiking into town

  1. Great swimming hole. Looks like an old volcano.
    About your quote. You should get off the trail. Come up with a good story so it sounds like you had a fantastic adventure.
    Walt Disney was a visionary.

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  2. Puffin! You got in the photo of Zume! This is CM – your swimming partner in Griffith Lake. That night of the campfire was one of the best. Always love a fire. Congrat’s on your hike (to date).

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