Day #(3)8 – It’s all about the people…

I continue to meet tons and tons of people on the trail. Yesterday in the late afternoon I ran into a northbound hiker who looked at me and said, “Puffin, is that you?” It turned out to be Pick-Me-Up, my friend from the Terrapin Station Hostel just north of Shenandoah National Park.

Here’s Rockfish.  He’s a Triple Crowner; hiked the AT, PCT, and CDT.  He’s now hiking the AT southbound.  He’s hard core and old school.

Here’s Bull, he’s NOBO.

And get a load of this.  Here I am in late June when I started my hike and today.


A light heart lives long. – William Shakespeare

Adults are only kids grown up. – Walt Disney

2 thoughts on “Day #(3)8 – It’s all about the people…

  1. Thx for keeping and using the pic I took of you Chris. Very cool. Your new pic also looks good. You have lost a bit of weight. Body tone looks pretty good too.

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