Heading back…

I am here at home in St Louis waiting to return to the trail.  I have decided to go north where it’s cooler; I’ll also be back in the bubble of NOBO (northbound) thru-hikers.  It could be a little humorous to run into hikers that I met while hiking in Virginia in July!

I’ll be starting in Hanover, NH on the Dartmouth campus and heading south into Vermont and western Massachusetts.  I leave in 6 days and will return home in early September.  The goal is to do another 200+ miles from Hanover to Great Barrington, Mass.  Although, I plan to hike at a comfortable pace and may cut the trip short by a few miles.  I’ll be visiting friends in Albany before returning home.  If all goes well, I’ll get a chance to see both my brothers who reside in Massachusetts too.

And by the way, the invitation is always open to come hike with me…

It’s been hot here but I’ve tried to keep my legs by riding my bicycle.  My legs are strong, but I am getting a little saddle-sore.  Ha!

Here’s a shot of Forest Park from my last ride.

2015-08-02 18.43.22

Hike stats from section 1 of the trek:
Days:  #28
Miles hiked from Harpers Ferry – 294.8 miles
Avg daily distance – 10.5 miles

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. ― C.S. Lewis

9 thoughts on “Heading back…

  1. Fantastic — looking forward to updates from the trail again! BTW, what was/is your weight after Phase 1 of the trip? I think you were guessing -30 lbs but I don’t remember seeing an official measurement.

    Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2015 18:46:58 +0000
    To: jeffwingard@hotmail.com

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    • I will be hiking out of Hanover, NH at 3 pm on Tuesday, August 11th. I should average about 10 miles a day heading south on the AT. I expect to be near Killington, VT on the weekend of 8/15-16, near Bennington, VT on 8/22-23, and in western Mass on the final weekend of August.


  2. Chris. How are you doing? Please let me know when or if you are back on the trail. I may also email you to be sure you get this. I would still like to come to Springer to see you finish if that is the direction you still plan on after the northern part of your hike.
    Also let me know if you still plan on hiking north from Harper’s next year.

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    • Richard – plans are to hike from Hanover, NH to Great Barrington, Mass starting next Tuesday – 226 miles in 3 weeks. That will be all until next year. Who knows what’s in store then?


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