Day #(3)1 – Déjà Vu, All over again…

I’m on my way back to the A.T. in New England.  I currently at BWI waiting for my flight to New Hampshire.  Maryland is home so it feels great to be here.  Can I have crabs for breakfast?

It looks like there’ll be lots of water on the trail.  It will be just like starting in Harpers Ferry with all the rain.  Here’s the current weather radar for Vermont and western Mass.  Yikes!

It will be days before I’m dry again. ☔️

And yes, I have my umbrella with me.

Update:  In order to avoid getting “burned out” (i.e. washed out) before I even start, I’m spending tonight at the Norwich Inn.  The weather looks much better tomorrow and I should easily make up the list distance with an early start.


A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain. – Robert Frost

8 thoughts on “Day #(3)1 – Déjà Vu, All over again…

  1. Meg et al were with Jack and me in OC for 4days at Jack’s TH condo.  You should have added an extra few days,  we put out 7 crab pots and steamed them for dinner!!!   I also steamed some longneck clams—-delicious! Safe travels. Betsy

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  2. Reblogged this on Puffin's Hike and commented:
    I’m here in New Hampshire and it’s cold, windy, and pouring. 😕 So I booked a room at the Norwich Inn for the night. I’ll have one less day on the trail, but I was only planning to hike about 5 miles today anyway.


  3. Hey Doc, it,s Marathon/. Glad to see you are back on the trail. how long have you been back? I hope you are doing well with all the north bounders around you. please say hello to my ex-partner if you run into him. his real name is Jeremy stank.. trail name is rather slim or fatboy slim, although he may be going by something else now. anyway, if you call him Jeremy he may answer. tell him hello.
    I just got back on your site today. I will try to keep a close watch on your progress. have fun/walk tall/ stay strong. ttyl. Marathon

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  4. Marathon Txt. Doc, if you would still like to hike together next year from Harpers, heading north, please keep me in mind and keep in touch. any/all parts of the trail would be nice to walk along with you as company.
    how may miles are you doing daily? how is the weather? I hope that this finds you well and dry.

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