Day #16 – Just hiking…

Today was a day of just hiking.  Started at Blackrock and did 13.1 miles to Calf Mountain, not nearly as fast as yesterday however.  I think I cashed in my trail legs too early.  I’ll be heading into Waynesboro tomorrow and getting a hot shower, laundry, and perhaps a second “zero” day.

Someone passed out shots at the shelter last evening.  I had the white chocolate and peppermint one.  What a treat! 
On the more serious side, we all hang our food at night to keep the critters (bears) away,  

And I even saw a dragon on the trail. 

And yes, it’s raining again…

I can resist anything except temptation. – Oscar Wilde

2 thoughts on “Day #16 – Just hiking…

  1. If you can, it’d be cool to see the elevation breakdown for your day. Just have it on your screen and hit the power button + circle button at the same time. Then you can post the pic. That would give us a really good idea of what you did that day. Nice job getting to WayneBoro so fast!


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