Day #15 – Trail legs

I’m not going to post many pics today.  I’m at Blackrock Hut in Shenandoah National Park tonight.  I will add pics when I get to Waynesboro in 2 days, or sooner if I get LTE service somewhere.  Many are already on Carousel.

I now have LTE, so here are a few pics.

Lunch at the wayside.  

Ivy Creek Spring. 

Someone brought shots.  Nice!  I had the white chocolate and peppermint. 
Made great time today. Hit the trail at just after 12:30 and covered the first 9 miles in 4 hours, although most was downhill.  I easily made Blackrock Hut before evening – another 2.5 miles. I think my “trail legs” are starting to come.

Saw a mama and baby bear 50 yds off trail earlier. Count = 3.  By the way, you won’t see any bear pics from me.  I spend my time near them making sure they know I’m there and increasing distance safely.  They are wild creatures.  Duh!

A special thanks to Adam Hastings, the “trail angel” of Charlottesville.  He singlehandedly made it possible for Andrew to hike with me.  

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. – Walt Disney

3 thoughts on “Day #15 – Trail legs

  1. You haven’t mentioned how dark it gets at night on the trail or how well you can see the Milky Way. Have you looked for the ISS or seen any falling stars? I love all the wildlife pics; neon orange gecko is my fav so far.

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