More rain :-(

I spent the night in front Royal and woke up to guess what, more rain. The forecast looks like rain for the next three days so within 24 hours I should be soaking wet from head to toe again.  Here’s the view of the Shenandoah’s from outside my motel room.

I told myself I wouldn’t quit unless I had a good nights sleep, was rested, fed and dry.  (That’s currently all true.)  To be on honest I dread going back out on the trail today. But that’s what I do…

Here are some additional shots from yesterday’s 15 mile trek:

Railroad crossing at Manassas Gap:  

Stream crossing (got water here):  

One of many old stone walls along the trail from long ago: 

I’m going to try to take a nero day (near zero in thru-hikers lingo) today and only hike to the first shelter outside of Shenandoah national Park or a hostile that’s located on the north end of the park with all the rain the hostel sounds better.  Either way it should be less than 5 miles I have to hike today, day #6 on the trail.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

2 thoughts on “More rain :-(

  1. Don’t get downhearted! The pics you took look beautiful! You’ve got the equipment to handle it. I’ll be there gettin soaked with you soon. You’re sound great so far!

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