Feeling better :-)

My “Nero” day was a real morale booster.  After restocking in Front Royal, I hiked 4 miles up the mountain into the national park and then promptly out to the Terrapin Station hostel.  So it’s another night with sheets and clean laundry.  Sweet! πŸ• 

There were raspberries along the trail. 

And I met some NOBO thru-hikers.

The Gentleman

Pick Me Up

And here I am “Puffin” it up the mountain.

And finally, I have yet to see a bear.  Not that I want to…

Yes, that was on the trail; it’s not a dog track. 🐻

Tomorrow I hike back into Shenandoah National Park.  I am only 10 miles behind my itinerary but should hike into Loft Mountain Campground on the 8th to meet Andrew, just as planned.

A good book has no ending. – Robert Frost


4 thoughts on “Feeling better :-)

  1. Looks like you are out on a good start. Finally caught up on the blog now that we are settling in Boston .

    Good luck and I will keep watching for posts.

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