Day of rest…

Did the night shift last night and it was pretty busy.  So, I slept most of the day today.  No matter, the rain has continued.  I did mess around in the garage with my equipment and made a trip to REI.  I bought a Z-seat Pad and some Body Glide.  Both just weigh grams and will help keep my backside and feet comfortable.

Today’s featured equipment is my backpack.  To many, this is the most important piece of equipment for a thru-hiker.  It’s hard to disagree, considering I will spend months walking many hundreds of miles with this on my back.  I originally was going to purchase an Osprey Exos 48.  I hiked with an Osprey pack near Lake Superior last summer and was very happy with it.  However, when I found this pack on sale and looked into it’s features, I couldn’t resist.  The only issue is that the pack isn’t made any more.  I got one of the last ones. 😦

Mountain Hardware Thruway 50

backpack Frontpack

It’s a frameless pack and there’s a sleeve along the back for a foam pad.  The cool thing is that a Z-Lite Sol Sleeping Pad will fit into the sleeve and serves as the “frame” and “pad” for the pack.  Nothing’s better than finding multiple uses for gear, especially big items.

If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed. – Mark Twain

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