Rainy day…

Today’s equipment is my sleeping set-up.  It poured down rain immediately after I set it up and all inside stayed reasonably dry.

I have a 1.1 oz double layer Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock and Edge Tarp; they weight in at 18 oz and 11 oz respectively.  I added Whoppie Slings along with my own DIY spectra webbing straps and shoft shackles.  Here are the two packed and then out of their bags.

HT in bags Hammock out of bag

The hammock is hanging below, still in it’s Snakeskins and then out.  The spectra sling is around the tree with an extender and soft shackle.

Hammock in Skins hammock Alone Sling Soft Shackle

And here’s the whole set-up.  My home for the next 3 months.

The Set Up

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain

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