Hang a Bear Bag…

Going through final equipment check and decided to practice hanging a bear bag.  It seems like the black bears are more aggressive these days.  Their population is growing and civilization is encroaching on their habitat.  So here’s what I’ve got set up, and it seems to work well.

My food bag is a Sea-to-Summit 8L Ultra-Sil Dry Bag.  Along with the bag I have 50 ft of 1.75mm spectra line with a velcro strap; eye splices and soft shackles are on each end.  The whole set-up weighs just grams.

81g0GYKFvQL._SY355_Line   Soft Shackle1

Step one is to find an appropriate branch to hang from.  It should be about 20 ft off the ground and have a spot at least 4 ft from the tree trunk, 6 ft is better.  Here’s a great branch in my back yard.


Then attach a weight to the end of your line (I used a stick) and throw the line over the branch.  It can take several tries unless you’re a major league pitcher.

Stick   Stick on branch

Retrieve the line and attach the food bag to the end of the line.  The free end of the line should pass through the soft shackle as well.

bag on line

Haul the bag all the way up to branch.  Then reach as high on the line as you can and tie the stick back onto the line.  Let the bag back down until the stick stops at the soft shackle.

Stick    bag1

The bag will then be hanging 10 plus feet off the ground, taller people will hang the bag higher. 😉

Hanging Bag

Good luck with that, Yogi and Boo-boo…

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. – Alexander Graham Bell

Click this link to see a video on how it’s done, including an alternate method when the ideal branch can’t be found:  YouTube Bear Bag Video

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