Day #17 – A Little Slacking

Prescribed Burn Closure

We (Bluebird, Bright Spot & Puffin) decided to do a short slackpack today during our zero to get a little further along the trail. We hiked from Rock Gap to Winding Stair Gap and then headed back into town. It was a good thing we had this plan because the trail was closed north of Winding Stair Gap due to a prescribed burn. The afternoon will be spent doing resupply, laundry, and mailing things home.

Today I’ve realized that God has blessed me with something new this hike. For some reason he has decided it is time for me to start to learn patience. What a blessing…

AT Thru-Hike Stats
Section Day #17 (3/29/23)
Start - Rock Gap (105.8)
End - Winding Stair Gap(109.4)
Today's mileage: 3.6
Total section miles: 109.4
Section Avg: 7.8*
Total miles on AT: 1145.0
* Zeros (3) not included

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Victor Hugo

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