Day #12 Ten Miles

Started hiking out of the stealth site at 8 AM this morning. Decided to try to hike all the way to Standing Indian Shelter 10 miles down the trail. There’s rain coming in the morning, so 12 of us are crammed into an 8 person shelter.

Twisted Oak

Made it into NC and an now done with GA!

Arrival at the shelter was delayed by a hiker feed at the last road crossing. I had some amazing wings and sliders for dinner.

Hiker Feed
AT Thru-Hike Stats
Section Day #12 (3/24/23)
Start - Stealth Camp (76.0)
End - Standing Indian (85.9)
Today's mileage: 9.9
Total section miles: 85.9
Section Avg: 7.3
Total miles on AT: 1121.6

Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for God knows best what is good for us.


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