Day #5 — That’s Enough!

After hiking 42 of some of the toughest miles on the Appalachian Trail, I decided to stop hiking this section here at Fontana dam. There are many reasons I’ve made this decision, the biggest one is that my daily miles are not anywhere near what I need to make it to Atlanta in time for my regatta.

So I got a hiker shuttle into Knoxville late last evening and I am taking the bus home from Knoxville. Looking at the weather, it might’ve been an even better decision.

I’ve got lots of projects at home including building a deck and lots of sailing stuff. I also have a lovely lady and sweet dog that I haven’t seen for sometime.

3 thoughts on “Day #5 — That’s Enough!

  1. Sorry to hear this trip ending early but knowing when to stop is important

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  2. More than 1K miles logged on this rugged trail so far. A fine accomplishment indeed! I have enjoyed following your blog and look forward to the next section, whenever that happens. The Proclaimers (band) would be proud of you. …and I would walk 500 more DAH DAH DOT DAH!


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