This hike’s theme…

Every time I’ve done a section on the AT there’s been a theme. For example, in May of 2019 I sought to find the “spiritual” on the trail. The evening I saw thousands of fireflies across the street from the Quarterway Inn I found it.

This hike is about electronics. I’ve redone everything and it’s been fun to play with all the new gadgets. I’ve got a new iPhone 12 mini, a Garmin InReach Mini, a SteriPen, a RavPower 15,000 mAh quick charge power bank, a NiteCore rechargeable headlamp and shortie multi-use cables to charge everything.

We’ll see how everything works out. I’m optimistic about the power, relative low weight, and functionality of everything.

I leave for Eastern Tennessee in a week, and will be on the trail in the Smoky Mountains in 8 days. The long term weather forecast looks pretty good so far. So all is go for launch!!!

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. – Henry David Thoreau

Oh yeah, I forgot I bought a new hiking watch too!

One thought on “This hike’s theme…

  1. I don’t even understand any of the electronics you are so excited about, oh well, generational difference.  see my cardiologists this afterno


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