Zero #2 Day #18

As planned, I took my second zero today. The day was spent doing laundry, resupplying and resting some “tired dogs.” They need to be ready for the final push to Damascus. Although, I’m planning to decrease my mileage through Grayson Highlands and Mount Rogers. I should arrive in Damascus on June 1. (5 nights on trail.)

One thing that has impressed me on the hike is the experience that photographs cannot do justice. This includes wide vistas, night time views and especially smells. The May flowers are in full bloom on the mountains. The smell of grass and sage fills the air walking across meadows. Here are some flower pictures:

Oops 😬Poison Ivy

There are also unpleasant smells. At Chestnut Knob shelter a thru-hiker was arranging his pack. When he opened his clothes bag, the smell that came out nearly knocked me unconscious. A thousand homeless people don’t smell that bad. 🙊

AT Thru-Hike Stats
Section Day #18 (5/27/19)
Start – Mt Rogers Nat. Rec. HQ (534.2)
End – Mt Rogers Nat. Rec. HQ (534.2)
Today’s mileage: 0.0
Total section miles: 195.6
Total miles on AT: 912.0
Section avg daily miles: 10.9
“Zeros” taken: 2
Section avg w/o zeros: 12.2
Distance to Damascus: 63.6

May you taste, smell, and touch
your dreams of a beautiful tomorrow.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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