Zero… Day #9

So what’s a zero? A rest day, hiking 0 miles, and that was today.

I woke up to pouring rain and thunderstorms, So it was a pleasure to spend the day indoors.

Reading 📖 and Sorting Gear ⚙️

Made a trip to the post office and Pearis Merchantile. They had an amazing selection for hikers; bought a new belt and cooling towel. Supposedly a heat wave is on the way! 🥵

Went to the Mexican restaurant across the road for dinner.

I’m planning on an early start in the morning. It’s off to Woods Hole Hostel tomorrow. It has a reputation as one of the best hostels on the AT.

Woods Hole Bunkhouse

AT Thru-Hike Stats
Section Day #9 (5/17/19)
Start – Pearisburg,VA (637.0)
End – Pearisburg,VA (637.0)
Today’s mileage: 0.0
Total section miles: 92.8
Total miles on AT: 809.2
Section avg daily miles: 10.3
“Zeros” taken: 1
Section avg w/o zeros: 11.6

“Activity and rest are two vital aspects of life. To find a balance in them is a skill in itself. Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have. Finding them in each other – activity in rest and rest in activity – is the ultimate freedom.”

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