More Distance Day #5

Started the day on top of the ridge in the rain 🌧 and fog 🌫. I camped last night among a bunch of old cairns. There are lots of theories among hikers about what they’re for: apple storage, tombs, etc. Any thoughts, let me know?

I’m at War Spur Shelter tonight with some nice thru-hikers. We had lots of fun hanging our bear 🐻 bags together. There’s no cell service here, which is why this post is late. I hear that there’s little all the way to Pearisburg, so my posts will be intermittent.

I’m planning to do a shorter day next. We’ll see: It’s 8.8 to the next shelter and 12.7 to the second.

AT Thru-Hike Stats
Section Day #5 (5/13/19)
Start – Stealth Camp (681.1)
End – War Spur Shelter(669.0)
Today’s mileage: 12.1
Total section miles: 60.7
Total miles on AT: 777.2
Section avg daily miles: 12.1

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