Practice hiking: T-22

Had a nice hike today at West Tyson Park; it’s my favorite place. I did the 3 mile (smaller) loop today with my new day pack. It weighs 2 oz and I plan to carry this with me for slack packing and water carries on the AT. I’m going to add a chest strap but so far, it’s the bomb!

Diamond Head 20L Ultralight Daypack

And to my surprise, as I’m hiking, I run into a thru hiker. It was easy to pick him out by his gear: Altra trail running shoes, Columbia shirt, shorts and a ULA Ohm pack. Magnet thru hiked the AT in 2015, although I didn’t meet him then. He’s doing the Ozark Trail in a week or so. Have a great hike Magnet!

Magnet (Don’t ask why the trail name…)

“Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.” – Henry David Thoreau

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