Following Thru Hikers

I’m getting pretty psyched about going back to hike again.  It’s been a while and hitting the trail will be nice.  I’ll be going back to Duncannon to start off right where I left off last March.

Watching Vlogs has kept me in touch with the trail.  The two I’ve been following are Darwin on the Trail ( and Homemade Wanderlust (    Darwin and Dixie are both AT thru hikers and are currently out on the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail) and CDT (Continental Divide Trail) respectively.  I met Dixie in Vermont when I was hiking the AT in 2015.

Check out their YouTube channels (search for Darwin on the Trail and Homemade Wanderlust on YouTube).  Both are about 2 weeks into thru hikes and are hiking strong.

I also checked the weather for when I start and it’s FABULOUS!  I’ve typically started in extreme hot, cold or pouring rain.  Here’s the Wunderground prediction for central PA in one week when I start:


Goal for this hike:   Hike strong and don’t let adversity set me back.

I’ll be blogging daily starting next Tuesday from the AT in PA.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell

PS – It’s raining this week so there should be water. That’s of utmost importance.

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