Day #8 – Cumberland Valley

Today we hiked down into the Cumberland Valley.   The trail crosses the valley over to the next set of ridges moving to the north east.  Did 12 miles of hiking was on relatively flat ground near farms and through woods. Arrived at Carlisle, PA by about 2 PM.  There’s no shelter here, so I’m holed up in a motel for the night and it’s back on the trail tomorrow.

Fog rolling over farm land

Tomorrow should be a tough one. Going back up onto the ridge and hiking almost 14 miles to get to the next shelter.

AT Thru-Hike Stats
Section Day #8 (3/27/17)
Start – Alec Kennedy Shelter 1117.7
End – Carlisle, PA 1129,5
Today’s mileage: 11.8
Total section miles: 106.4
Total miles on AT: 626.4
Avg daily miles (section 4) – 13.3

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.
― Lucille Ball

2 thoughts on “Day #8 – Cumberland Valley

  1. That pic was beautiful!

    Just a thought- can you post your gps location? It be cool to just plug it in and see where you are…


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