Day #4 – Check Off Another State…

It was indeed cold night last night.  When I woke up it was 20° and any water that was left out overnight was frozen solid. Thank goodness I brought my water bottle with me to bed.  Hot chocolate and oatmeal in the cold weather really hit the spot.

I met up with three other through hikers yesterday and started out the morning with Jag Happy, Papa 12 and Best Wife.  I’m at Tumbling Run shelter with Jag happy tonight. It’s one of the nicest shelters I’ve ever seen; there’s even a shelter for people who snore and people who don’t.

Today’s big milestone was finishing the state of Maryland and crossing the Mason-Dixon line. Now I’ve done 3/5 of Virginia, all of West Virginia, all of Vermont, most of Massachusetts, and all of Maryland.

AT Thru-Hike Stats

Section Day #4 (3/23/17)
Start – Raven Rock Shelter (MD) 1059.7
End – Tumbling Run Shelter (PA) 1072.9
Today’s mileage: 13.2
Total section miles: 49.8
Total miles on AT: 569.8
Avg daily miles (section 4) – 12.5

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not
stop questioning. – Albert Einstein

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