Day #16 (44 total) – Another Zero!

I’m taking another zero day today.  I’m kind of forcing myself to take a day off.  One of the mistakes I made in VA was pushing too hard.  I’m not really doing any “neros” this section, so a day off before the final leg should help get me recharged.

Nat is driving out from Boston to see the sights around here with me.  It should be a fun day.  Here’s a view of the mountains from near my motel.  I’ll be hiking up there tomorrow.

One of the things that hikers ask each other on the trail is what hike they are doing.  Some are NOBO AT hikers, SOBO AT hikers, Long Trail thru-hikers, flip-flop hikers, section hikers, or overnight hikers.  I had trouble at first explaining my hike.  But now I’ve got it down.  I tell people that I’m a “500 mile flip-flopping long ass section hiker“.  They all immediately understand and the usual response is, “nice.”

I’ll add more later when we visit around town.

Nat and I visited Mass MoCA and the Clark Art Institute.


Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead. – Benjamin Franklin 📢

6 thoughts on “Day #16 (44 total) – Another Zero!

  1. Jusst heard Robert Redford has a new movie our next week, he’s hiking the AT! Now I’ll call you Puffin Redford. Enjoy your last week.


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