Day #(3)3 – I LoVermont…

On the trail again today getting miles in.  Milage below is from Georgia.  

Here’s Blackfoot.   She’s hiking NOBO into New Hampshire. 

Striker and Ultraviolet SOBO    

The weather is currently absolutely gorgeous; here’s a few shots from today there are also plenty more on my carousel.

My plan is to go to Winturri shelter today. (11.8 miles)

Hike Statistics: Day #3 section 2 (#31 total)
Miles from Katahdin, ME – 468.4
Miles from Hanover, NH – 26.2
Miles to Great Barrington, MA – 200.2
Total miles on A.T. – 321.0
Avg daily miles (section 2) – 8.7
Avg daily miles (total) – 10.4


A good story can take you on a fantastic journey. – Walt Disney

5 thoughts on “Day #(3)3 – I LoVermont…

  1. Hi Chris!
    So thrilled & glad that you are back on the trail!
    Am enjoying your wonderful descriptive entries! & photos!
    The quotes are terrific as well!
    By now you must be in great shape.!
    Am looking forward to JO JO’s # 5 Birthday celebration on Saturday 8/15
    Stay the course & have fun!
    Cheers, Judy in San Frncisco

    Liked by 1 person

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