I ate at #7 with the Wingard’s after my first day on the trail.   Top Burgers

Nat asked me why I chose to go SOBO (southbound).  My original intention was to do a “Flip-Flop” – Harpers Ferry to Katahdin (ME) NOBO followed by Harpers Ferry to Springer (GA) SOBO.  I only have time to do half this year; I chose part two.  I’ll also end up in GA in the end of September.  The MC Scow Masters Championship starts on September 30th in Chattanooga, TN.  If I end up cutting it close, Barry Klein has promised to pick me up at the end of the trail and even loan me his boat.  Thanks Barry!  My only fear about being SOBO now is being alone.  Some of the fast moving full “Flip-Floppers” may catch up with me to keep me company.  But if it gets really bad, I’ll get transportation north and join the NOBO’s in New England as they head to Katahdin.  Then I’ll have a crazy jigsaw puzzle to finish when I get back on the trail later to finish.  

You never know who’s swimming naked until the tide goes out. – Warren Buffett

3 thoughts on “Burgers!

  1. Ice cream and hamburgers?League? I thought you were living off the land, catching what you eat, like the early American settlers? 😀. Sounds like a real physical challenge! Chris

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