On the trail in 7 days…

One week until I’ll be hiking the A.T. – wow!

I’m done with getting new equipment.  My new rain jacket came yesterday and I’ve switched that out along with getting rid of some extra weight by changing most all containers/organizers to lightweight nylon bags; most are DIY.  I’ll post an update of my new back base weight in a day or two.

Today’s featured equipment is electronics.  I’ll be taking my iPhone 6 and have all sorts of maps and other hiking apps down-loaded.  I know it kinda defeats the purpose of being out in the woods, but I’ve found that on previous backpacking trips I have used electronics extensively.  GPS navigation is awesome, as long as it’s used appropriately.  I’ve been able to find many “short-cuts” using my GPS in the past and have relied on it heavily.  In addition to the iPhone, I have a Sandisk MP3 Player (16 GB of music and audiobooks), a 10,000 mAh Backup Charger, along with a charging adapter and shorty cables.  There are aLokSak Bags to keep stuff dry.  I’ve found hiking with the MP3 player is awesome, as long as there aren’t any rattlesnakes around.  😉

File Jun 20, 9 34 56 AM  2015-06-20 09.24.49

Success is a journey, not a destination. – Ben Sweetland

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