New additions to equipment.

MH Thruway50 Mountain Hardware Thruway 50 Review

Well, I finally bought a backpack for the thru-hike.  I had decided on the Osprey Exos 48 but instead found this on close-out at REI for less than half price.  Including the larger Alpine hip belt, which was also on sale, and my member dividend, paid less than $90 for the pack.  Yowzer!  The added benefit is that I will likely not need a rain cover for the pack nor carry a sleeping pad.  (The pack uses an integral back pad that doubles as a sleeping pad.)  My 3/4 length Z-Lite Sol should fit right in.  So, I’ll not take a rain cover or a sleeping pad!  The pack weighs in at about 2 lbs.  More weight savings…

By the way, I got the last one in stock.  😉

I also found this cool little nail clipper at the Alpine Shop in Kirkwood, MO.

Nail Clipper

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