Planes ✈️, trains 🚊 and automobiles πŸš™; sailboats ⛡️ too!

In 2 days I’ll be back on trail. It’s always interesting to get to or from the AT. This time it will be:

  • Uber to the airport
  • SWA to Philadelphia
  • Septa to the train station
  • Amtrak to Harrisburg
  • Uber again to Duncannon

And, today I’m sailing the Flying Scot at CSA in day #2 of the Egyptian Cup Regatta. Yesterday was fantastic but challenging in light air with 26 boats racing. It was great to be sailing with crew again and Lois was amazing. πŸ˜‰

And the great news is that we’re sitting in 3rd and there’s no wind πŸ’¨. Not bad for our first Flying Scot regatta!!!

Second Wind FS #6162

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. – Henry Ford

2 thoughts on “Planes ✈️, trains 🚊 and automobiles πŸš™; sailboats ⛡️ too!

  1. Good to know that you are not β€œslowing down” in any way !! Wishing you a strong breeze at your back both on the water and on the trail!


  2. God speed on your travels, Chris!

    You two are HOT on the Flying Scot—go Lois!!!

    Your favorite step-mother is 78 yrs young today; egads!! Had two b-day dinners in the Caymens last week (overdosed on fin fish—-yum!)) another dinner with friends here tonight and my lunch bunch are celebrating with me on Friday—will celebrate as long as I am able, ha!

    Looking forward to seeing you both soon—luv ya, B.



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