Day #(3)2 – It’s already 62…

I’m back on the trail and am more than 8 miles into my hike today.   I’m stopped at Trail Magic and just ate pancakes with sausage. Yum!  There are lots of hikers on the trail, both NOBO and SOBO.  I’ve met about 10 just today.

I met a guy at 7 am today.  He said it was hot; it was already 62…


Here’s where I stopped for water today.


So I made it to Thistle Hill shelter (13.1 miles) and an here with several other thru and section hikers.  Getting ready for a good nights sleep.  The water here is awesome as is the company.

Hike Statistics:
Day #2 section 2 (#30 total)
Miles from Hanover, NH – 14.6
Miles to Great Barrington, MA – 211.4
Total miles on A.T. – 309.4
Avg daily miles (section 2) – 7.3
Avg daily miles (total) – 10.3

To move the world we must move ourselves. – Socrates

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